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Rose Gold

Posted by Brice Salmon on

Whether it's for your office,¬†your home or your home-office, rose gold is probably one of the most beautiful and trendy metallic material these days. At Baltic Club, we definitely want to possess all of these items in our workshop, right now ūüėä Don't you?¬†

1. Kate Spade. Notebook 22 USD  |  2. Cluse. Marble Watch 179 USD|  3. Shiraleah Gil. Pendant 158.40 USD  |  4. Maisons du Monde. Lampe 39,99 EUR  |  5. Anthropologie. Rose-Handled Scissors 20 USD  |  6. Apple. MacBook 1,192 USD  |  7. Tom Dixon. Stapler  |  8. Aenmil. Carrying bag 13.99 USD  |  9. U Brands. Desk Organizer 17.15 USD  |  10. Pentel. Mechanical Pencil 7.89 USD

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10 beautiful 2017 calendars for designers

Posted by Mélanie Ouellette on

Yes, January is behind us, but as stationery freaks, we just needed to share with you a quick selection of what shook us up last month. Besides, everybody could wish for a little more organization. Here are our top 10 favorite calendars for 2017.

1 . Risotto Studio

This colorful calendar made by Risotto Studio, a talented UK-based Studio. This one is made using the magic of a Risograph printer. Look at these colors! Amazing. Find it here.

2. Rifle Paper Co

A Rifle Paper "Classic": Florally inspired calendar elegantly printed on thick paper. Available here. 

Rifle Paper co calendar paradise garden cover
Rifle Paper co paradise garden March page

3. Wilano

A year at a glance thanks to this beautiful pastel rainbow banner. Available here, on Anette's Etsy shop.

Wilano Pastel 2017 calendar

4. Prism of Starlings

A quite original paper calendar, beautifully illustrated by Kirsty Baynham. This art piece is available in her Etsy shop.

Prism of Starlings 2017 Triangle Wall Calendar

5. Present & Correct

Available in 2 colors, this index-related calendar has been designed by the two talented designers of Present & Correct. Letterpress of course. Check it out on their very nice website.

Index Card Calendar large

Index Card Calendar closeup

6. Baltic Club

And another risograph-printed calendar in our list. This time, some metallic gold ink has been used for this one, representing Northern sky's constellations. This one is actually sold out but you can always get your FREE version of it on this page.

Baltic Club Northern Sky Calendar Risograph Printing large

Closeup photo of the 2017 Baltic Club Northern Sky Calendar Risograph Printing


The "One Seven",¬†a light grey and gold metallic foil, designed and printed in Denmark by Kristina Krogh. Just ūüėĽ.

8. Appointed

A 11" x 13.5" classy oversized printed calendar with a brass foil accent. So design.


A lovely idea: Each day is perforated like a stamp, just remove it when it's passed! Available in 2 colors 

10. Paper Source

An original marble design calendar, hot foiled on a rigid cardboard and delivered in a beautiful box. The wooden easel can even be reused for the next years! Check it out right here. 

Baltic Club is a lifestyle and stationery company located in Montreal. We provide happiness items and productivity tools thanks to paper and cardboard. All of our illustrations and products are proudly handmade. We also provide professional services from logo design to brand identity, custom product design as well as corporate orders.

This article contains affiliate links and we endorse 100% of its content. We will never share anything we don't find adorable.

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A couple of items for stationery lovers

Posted by Brice Salmon on

If you're fond of stationery likewe are, you may understand how essential those items currently are in our lives.
German-made colored pencils by School House Electric
German-made colored pencils by School House Electric
Rose-Gold and Marble Notebook by The Baltic Club
Rose-Gold and Marble Notebook by The Baltic Club
Copper clips and pins by Paperchase
Copper clips and pins by Paperchase
Art-deco-inspired pencils from Chronicle Books on Modcloth
Art-deco-inspired pencils from Chronicle Books on Modcloth
Solid Brass Ruler by SugarPaper
Solid Brass Ruler by SugarPaper
Marble stapler by Rachel George
Marble stapler by Rachel George
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Designer vs entrepreneur

Posted by Mélanie Ouellette on

My toughs about the difference between
being an entrepreneur and being a designer.

Summer of 2014, I was selling my illustrations in a summer market. It was very quiet, sales were close to zero, and I was a very down about it. Half way through the summer, I took a screen printing class. Saw some maps in the studio. I had a click. I knew I had to sell something people really liked. Everybody likes maps. I started designing maps, and cards and fun stuff like garlands. I had a blast.

I suddenly saw myself running a business. Without planning for it! It was very scary and very exciting at the same time. It took a while to accept it. I was afraid I would loose the artistic freedom of being a designer or an illustrator. I have an artistic mind since forever, but adding the business side took some time. Running a business makes you an entrepreneur even if you are the one drawing.

Now I consider myself more of as an entrepreneur than a designer. Doing things for myself gives me a great pleasure. Of course, there are some tasks I like less than others, but I always have a choice. And most of all, I can choose where I want to go and what to aim for. 

Every morning, when I open my eyes, my boyfriend and my dog say "Hi" and I start the day knowing I do things for us. Knowing we are going forward toward our objectives of being independent and free and business people. That makes me the happiest person.

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Creating new products

Posted by Brice Salmon on

Hey ho!

Weekends are made to relax, enjoy life and it cannot be truer when it comes to creating.
Once again, we had an extremely pleasant time prototyping, cutting and stitching for hours.

We've often been asked for our creative process, hence I wanted to share it, in order to show how personal this path is actually.
Everybody has its own dynamic and when many people are involved, it tends to become as complex as exciting.

In our case, there are two of us:

Melanie is a sweet and astonishing melt of creativity, craziness and rationality. Like wild animals, her ideas can pop anywhere, anytime and very unpredictably. As for me, it is more a question of "out of the box" approach thing as I really love to imagine common things in random places and times.

Contrary to many objects creators, the first step in our creative process is not based on a need but more on a will, just like artists do :) We hear, read or see something that usually lights a bulb simultaneously for both of us, then, we speak a lot about it, always laugh a lot and choose a way to present it in an original way.

To consign everything, we share Google Docs, speak on dedicated Slack channels or write on colored sticky notes depending on the situation we are at this precise moment.

  • Google docs is like a "brain dump" thing
  • Slack is random pile of information we don't want to lose and we'd like to share rapidly
  • Colored sticky notes that we use since a couple of months is game changing.¬†Have you heard about "Kanban flows"?

Kanban is a scheduling and project management technique used essentially in the tech industry. Wikipedia also says: "Kanban is a method for managing knowledge work". Sounds boring right? :) But actually, we find it pretty fun: We've picked colors and assigned each one to a type of product (green for notebooks, yellow for greetings cards etc.). Then, on a big wall, we create columns: "Ideas Box", "Design", "Prototype", "Production" and "Promotion" and move notes from a column to another so that we visually have an instant access to the creative flow. It helps us to:

  • Instantly know the reasons why a creation may be "stuck"
  • Sort projects we really want to achieve and the others (depending on the time they stay in certain columns for instance)
  • Decorating a wall :)

The crazy thing about it is that when you think it's done, it's not really "done". Half of the process is based on creating and the other one - which is as much thrilling in my opinion - on speaking about it but it's another story and we'll share with you soon about how we like to do it! Cheers.

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