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10 beautiful 2017 calendars for designers

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Yes, January is behind us but as stationery freaks, we just needed to share with you a quick selection of what shook us up last month. Besides, Everybody could wish for a little more organisation. Here Is our top 10 favorite calendars for 2017.

1 . Risotto Studio

This colourful calendar made by Risotto Studio, a talented UK based Studio. This one is made using the magic of a risograph printer. Look at these colors! Amazing. Find it here.

2. Rifle Paper Co

A Rifle Paper "Classic": Floral inspired calendar elegantly printed on thick paper. Available here . 

3. Wilano

A year at a glance thanks to this beautiful pastel rainbow banner. Available here, on Anette's Etsy shop.


4. Prism of Starlings

A quite original paper calendar, beautifully illustrated by Kirsty Baynham. This art piece is available on her Etsy shop.

5. Present & Correct

Available in 2 colors, this index-related calendar has been designed by the two talented designers of Present & Correct. Letterpress of course. Check it out on their nice website.

6. Baltic Club

Oh surprise, another risograph-printed calendar in our list. This time, metallic gold ink has been used for this one, representing Northern sky's constellations. Improve your life instantly, get yours by visiting our shop!


The "One Seven", a light grey and gold metallic foil, designed and printed in Denmark by Kristina Krogh. Just 😻.

8. Appointed

A 11" x 13.5" classy oversized printed calendar with a brass foil accent. So design.


A lovely idea: Each day is perforated like a stamp, just remove it when it's passed! Available in 2 colors 

10. Paper Source

An original marble design calendar, hot foiled on a rigid cardboard and delivered in a beautiful box. The wooden easel can even be reused for the next years! Check it out right here. 

Baltic Club is a lifestyle and stationery company located in Montreal. We provide happiness items and productivity tools thanks to paper and cardboard. All of our illustrations and products are proudly handmade. We also provide professional services from logo design to brand identity, custom product design as well as corporate orders.

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