10 days off and 5 takeaways to get inspired

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Yes! 10 days off in the South of France to enjoy a wonderful wedding and relaxing on the Côte d’Azur. What a great time we had. At first, we frankly expected only to unwind but what happened there brought us far beyond that.

  1. Of course, we had the chance to contemplate fabulous landscapes covered by flowers and old castles along with stunning views on the Mediterranean sea, we tasted great wines and ate meals cooked with food so fresh I couldn't prevent myself from thinking about the upcoming ones... but the best was undeniably the people we met. From Brigitte, a one-of-a-kind writer/photographer living alone in Camargue to Michael, the English real estate freelancer from the heights of beautiful Grasse, they all had incredible stories and so much knowledge to share. Adventure is just around the corner and I'm always overwhelmed by people's stories. I want more, tell us yours! 
  2. This never ending feeling of disruption in everything you do, smell, taste or feel is incredibly resourcing. The way people look at you, talk to you, the way they walk or talk shakes you constantly. Collisions have this power to take you out of your comfort zone, which I like to call "perfection zone", as it makes you learn and grow. France is not the Philippines or Nigeria but it still triggers this state of mind in its own way.
  3. Letting go is a skill I don't have. Melanie noticed it and I'm now working on it. I chose to travel with my cell phone turned off in an inner pocket of my luggage, no TV, no Wifi, no computer. Turning on my cell phone for the first time again made me realize how much we are slaves to the screens. So, I decided to stop looking at any screen outside a 8 to 6 timeframe. Paper, again, is such a heartwarming material, don't you think?
  4. Back in Canada, I finally opened up my Slack, Skype, Viber, Emails, Facebook, LinkedIn things... but this time getting rid of tons of useless stuff that polluted my virtual space without me even noticing! Focusing now on the essentials, talking to the right people at the right moment. Such a shame we have to break routines to realize how wrongly we act sometimes.
  5. The first thing to do when coming back home is to keep the heat! Let's buy another plane ticket for Ca-li-for-nia! Oh wait... yes, right, money... well, we'll make do with weekends :)
I wouldn't say we rested a lot during this trip, but my mind was blown away and I fell fully recharged, ready to bring things to a next level. Yesterday, it began pretty well with a great interview (in French and in English) on the Etsy Quebec web page!

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