An alternate thought on markets and craft fairs experiences

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Honestly, we've started attending markets in Canada and in the US, we've been relatively astonished by the global experiences we've lived. Among a lot of positive points, some negative ones made me think about new ways to enjoy, prepare and live markets today.

But first, let's point what I consider as progression axises to work on:

  1. I've noticed an overall lack of continuous enthusiasm from attendees and visitors during the events (which I admit may be the result of my relentless optimism...)
  2. The repetitiveness of the experience from a market to another as well as the type of setups and organization.
  3. Sometimes, a lack of marketing preventing proper awareness of events.
  4. The real winner is the organizer himself.

What I was thinking about is a respectful, pleasant, happy, inspirational event englobing markets, where the latter is not the center of attention anymore. Based on successful conferences schemes, the idea is to rely on 4 parts:

  1. Having something to learn about. Why not have people showcasing their knowledge and experiences with other visitors? Why not sell books, how-to's, have workshops?...
  2. Make people meet. All visitors are all here for the same reasons so why does nobody talk to anyone? Seems incredible to me to see like-minded people who don't share about their passion for craft or design...
  3. Taste, try, read, draw... This should be the ideal time and place to try new things. Brands should test concepts with attendees, daring to propose out of the box solutions or why not make visitors take part in the conception of their next products live...
  4. Have fun. Music, animations or even a party for kids and grown-ups should make the event even more attractive.

What I imagine as results:

  • People who were 50% sure of coming may be convinced to visit
  • People from a larger area may be interested as well
  • People who are not necessarily fans of craft may still come

Two weeks ago, we took part of the Azamit Pop up home for the first time. The pop up gathers the work of 60+ crafters and designers in one gorgeous place. Seriously, the experience was a charm for us. Our products were well presented and talked about even if we weren't there. An event like that can't be a success without a super good organisation.

When will we see new kinds of events? I don't know, but it makes me dream a lot these days. Note that at Baltic Club, we are really open to unite, partner and party with anyone interested in moving forward with this ;) Just drop us a line!

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