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First of all, let us introduce ourselves : we are Melanie and Brice. We live in Montreal, Canada and are both French speakers.

Melanie and Brice from Baltic Club

It is important to mention this detail about language as some of our sentences may look a bit weird sometimes! So, until we can afford a decent translator, we will share our story the best we can. Why do we write in English? Because a majority of our followers, fans, and customers are English speakers and as we can’t please everyone we’ve decided to take on an additional challenge!

We love food, drinks, animals, traveling and design, just like many of our friends.

In our duo, Melanie is the sweet curly “artist” and I am the super focused smiling “producer”. It’s such a miracle we met and decided to jump together in the wild world of entrepreneurship…

7 days a week, we talk and work together on so many great projects. We are dying to bring you with us on our entrepreneurial journey with transparency and honesty. We hope you’ll enjoy the ride and learn from our mistakes and successes.

So now it’s time to roll up our sleeves and dive into our everyday life as crafters-designers-entrepreneurs.

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