The Happy Links #3

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The Happy Links are back !! 

The Happy Links is a very serious curated list of stuff we've stumbled upon this week and that we wanted to share with you. Its purpose is simply to spread love and make you smile, just like we did.

Again, it IS very serious, all right? ūüėó Have fun anyway.


The Happy Links #3


  • It's hard to imagine¬†anything that could drastically improve the great architectural feature that is a skylight, and yet...¬†
  • At a time when¬†everything seems so bleak, this little girl¬†is here to make everything seem a little brighter
  • This AdamJK conference teaches us that¬†Perfect Isn't Better
  • These bears really don't care about¬†physics, nor do they seem to know about gravity
  • According to a¬†Florida Atlantic University study, belugas' social skills are akin to humans'
  • Thanks to Annie Bosler and Don Greene,¬†your goals can be¬†just that much¬†easily achieved
  • Kings Return recently put out¬†a video of this latin hymn¬†and¬†the¬†classical music side of the internet went wild
  • This¬†little corgi really sums up our energy levels as the day goes on

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