Planet-positive initiatives

Since 2014, we, at the Baltic Club, are committed to creating stylish and green quality products. We’ve never stopped trying to find the best approach to actively protect our planet ever since.

Eco-friendly Products

In an effort to minimize our ecological footprint, we mostly use paper products made of Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) -certified fibres. We thus help the FSC in fulfilling its missions of protecting forests and wildlife, Indigenous rights, as well as community and worker rights.


Always striving to use local material, we work closely with short distribution channel printers and suppliers, and order our paper from quality paper suppliers. Our favourite manufacturers are Rolland, a St. Jerome company making paper with 100% recycled fibres, and the Michigan-based French Paper, powered by its own fully renewable hydroelectric generators. With such green partners, we can certify that our paper products are all at least 30% recycled, and mostly 100% recycled.


Planet-positive initiatives

Local Initiatives

Our clients from the Greater Montreal area can save on shipping fees and pick up their online order at our warehouse, close to Montreal. As for customers from inside a large area in Montreal, they will be able to opt for bike delivery, and contribute to protecting our planet.


In accordance with our environmental mission, we are also transitioning to unpackaged goods, so feel free to ask for plastic-free products!




At the Baltic Club, we take pride in sustainable development-focused partnerships like the Word Wildlife Fund (WWF), by creating postcards, notebooks and t-shirts consistent with their mission. Working with Space for Life, a participatory movement made of the Biodôme, the Insectarium, the Botanical Garden and the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium, we also have the privilege to support wildlife, flora, and science.



Today, we renew our pledge to environmental sustainability and to our planet.