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Hello Montreal!

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I am Marina, 26, a happy French woman who arrived in Montreal a month ago. This is not my first time in La Belle Province as I had the chance to live in Quebec City in 2013. As I fell in love with Quebec, I decided to come back and to live in Montreal.

It has been over a month since my new life started. I began working for Glasgow Studio and Baltic Club 4 weeks ago as a Project Coordinator, and this experience is so rich as I am able to work on several and exciting projects.

I love traveling, going to the movies, watching a good football game, eating out and so on. Before coming to Montreal, I had the chance to study in England for 2 years, and to work in Geneva, Paris, Quebec City and Grenoble! I have been to so many places, working for different organizations, that I am not afraid of a new challenge. 

I can’t wait to keep discovering the great city of Montreal as well as enjoying this brand new experience. With Glasgow Studio and Baltic Club, I am sure that some great projects are coming up and I can’t wait to tell you more about them next time!


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