Our statement

Our statement

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Time goes by and our pace still isn’t slowing down: such great experiences and change happen that I can’t help but wake up everyday at 5am. If you are already following us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you may already be aware of some amazing news. I like to see them now as a sort of game in which you win and lose “points” in different categories. Here's a glimpse at what happened just in the last 10 days:

  • Being featured at Chromatic and meeting like-minded people who truly want to make things move forward in terms of design in Montreal
    Overwhelmness +3

  • Having Marie, our very first intern ever, for 3 months 
    Proudness +3

  • Moving in a brand new coworking space in the heart of Montreal  
    Caffeine +10

  • Having been chosen for the top 25 new businesses in town and receiving a grant and incredible support from Montreal Inc.
    Courage +5


So, as we are constantly stimulated by so many opportunities and brain-dates, our challenge today is to stay focused on our mission which is to bring happiness with paper goods & gifts.

How great it is to have a clear mission statement, which we can rely on and remember daily when “hard” choices have to be made.

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