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Last weekend, Melanie and I went to Brooklyn to participate in the artists & fleas market. This trip had been planned for a long time and we prepared ourselves a lot to be ready.

We decided...

Our first decision was to split our time there in order to make some business development by visiting some shops on Saturday and to take part in the market on Sunday.

 Mélanie dans un shack

Brice dans un shack

L'entrée du Artists & Fleas

The second was to bring only what was strictly necessary to avoid unnecessary expenses and optimize volume. This way, we had to strategically choose which products would do best.

What we learned (among other things)

- Crossing the U.S. border is never easy.

- The weather plays a crucial role in the behavior of the visitors, even if the market takes place indoors. For example, this day was quite sunny and hot and the crowd literally rushed on jewelry, glasses...

- Your setup has to be precise to the millimetre  Everybody touches, moves, mixes up all of your items and your space may look messy in a glimpse. If it’s tidied up, you have more chance to be visited. Our neighbor spent 90% of his time aligning his items and the result really stood out.

- Preparing shop visits in a precise order saves time, effort, stress and helps you to work on your speech.

- Fellow artists, makers and shops are so helpful. We’ve learned a lot, made some new friends, shared experience and knowledge, and filled up our already full agenda for next months.

- We sold exclusively to tourists. 

- We definitely love letterpress


Notre kiosque au Artists & Fleas

Our booth at the market.


Finally, special thanks to Anna Ward. We have been received like never before by the most professional and friendly event organizer so far. Thank you Anna, we’ll be back soon!

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