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The Paper Bear

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Bricolage d'un ours en papier à télécharger 

Today's craft project is about making a smily and majestic bear, on his way to getting some honey. Take your favourite pencils and let's have fun! Don't hesitate to print papa bear, mama bear and their children 🐻🐻🧸 and send us your family pictures!

Here are the instructions (3+ years old):

  1. Print this image on your home printer
  2. Colour your little friend
  3. Cut all around with scissors (but not on the dotted lines)
  4. Fold in half on the dotted lines
  5. Tie together
  6. Repeat until your home is full of colourful bears 🐻


Bricolage d'un ours en papier à télécharger



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