The Artists' Club

Every month, we commissioned illustrations made by our favourite artists from around the world. Each artist was asked to create something inspired by our annual theme, while keeping their own style.Their illustrations are exclusive to Baltic Club and sold through a limited edition run.

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This month's featured artist

July 2023

Matthew Johnson

Matthew loves soaking up all the details going on in the natural world, and Cornish landscapes and wildlife feature heavily in his work.

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Past featured artists


June 2023

Studio Les Canailles

Les Canailles use paper cutting and collage to create colourful and abstract yet narrative imagery. Their work is inspired by a reduced colour palette and modular devices that allow the viewer to manipulate and assemble the images.

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Teresa Rego illustration

May 2023

Teresa Rego

Teresa creates colourful and bold illustrations inspired by nature and urban landscapes. Balancing organic and geometric shapes, made to stand out and bring colour into everyone’s homes.

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April 2023

Bronwyn Gruet

Bronwyn loves to weave little joys into her illustration work with cheerful colours, nostalgia, and a bit of silliness.

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December 2022

Ana Popescu

Ana loves to use of exaggerated colours, distorted perspectives, and emptiness of the living spaces.

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November 2022

Trevor Basset

Trevor loves simple shapes, bright and happy colours and spray effect gradients.

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October 2022

Susan Driscoll

Susan's is known for using beautiful bold colour palettes, organic forms and modern florals.

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September 2022

Tom Abbiss

Tom Abbiss Smith explores shape and form to produce intuitive abstract designs and illustrations.

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August 2022

Sarah Walsh

Sarah Walsh's personal art practice is centred around her sketchbooks and paintings inspired by nature and mystical subjects.

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July 2022

Lotta Maija

Lotta Maija's bubbly vibe and characteristic aesthetic comes to life in playful patterns, flat-colour surfaces and simple shapes.

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Would you like to be featured as an artist?

If you think your style would be a good fit with our Artists' Club, please send us your work!